Using LocoTranslate

Learn how to translate the static texts in WPLoyalty plugin to your own language with the free LOCO Translate plugin

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What is Loco Translate?

Loco Translate is an awesome translation editor plugin, which is free and has more than one million active installs. You can translate both WordPress themes or plugins into any other language other than the one it originally comes in (which is typically English).

Why Loco Translate ?

  • It has a built-in translation editor.

  • Simple way to translate theme/plugin files directly from WordPress Dashboard.

Installing Loco Translate

Please go to your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

  • Search for "loco translate"

  • You will see the LOCO TRANSLATE plugin in the result. Click on Install now and activate the plugin.

Now that the LOCO Translate plugin is installed, let's start using it.

Navigate to Loco Translate --> Plugins --> Search for "WPLoyalty - Woocommerce Points, Rewards and Referral plugin".

Choose your language

You will see a list of languages (if you have only one language, you will see just one option). Choose your language

In the next screen, there will be a list of static texts available for translation. Choose the text you wanted to translate.

Translating the Text

You can search and select the "text" or the "word" that you wanted to translate to your language

Once you enter the translation, please click SAVE.

Repeat the process for translating other words / texts in your language.

Now, when you visit your site in your language, the translated words will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions?

I don't see your language displayed in the Loco translate

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard -> LocoTranslate -> Plugins

  • Choose WooCommerce Loyalty Rules

  • Click New Language

  • Choose the installed language from Wordpress and choose the location as "system"

  • Click on Start Translating.

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