WPLoyalty - Points Expiry

Learn how to set expiry date for Points that are earned via WPLoyalty

Let's see what is a Point Expiry and how to enable it with our WPLoyalty Plugin.

What is a Point Expiry Add-on ?

It's a feature that allows you to set an expiration date for points earned by your customers.

For example: Let's say Customer A earned 100 Points on January 5th, 2022, and Customer B earned 50 Points on February 5th, 2022. With the Point Expiry Add-on, you can set an expiration period of 365 days.

This means that Customer A's 100 points will expire on January 5th, 2023, and Customer B's 50 points will expire on February 5th, 2023. Essentially, the validity period for points is calculated based on the date the customer earned them.

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Let's get started,

How to enable this Point Expiry Add-on ?

Step 1: Go to WPLoyalty -> Add-ons tab -> WPLoyalty - Points Expiry -> Open the addon

Step 2: Go to Settings tab and enable the checkbox "Enable Points Expiry feature ?" -> set the Expiry date/ Validity for Points in days -> Save the changes.

Enable Points Expiry feature ? - You can enable this checkbox, if you are trying to set validity for Points earned by customers.

How long the points will be valid ? - Simply set the validity period in days.

For example: 365 days. This means that any points earned by your customers will remain valid for 365 days, or one year. Within this time, your customers can redeem their points for rewards or discounts. However, once the validity period is up, any unused points will be marked as expired and removed from the customer's account.

Send an email notification before the expiry of points? - enable this checkbox, if you would like to send email notification for customers regrading the Points that are going to expire.

How many days before an expiry email notification be sent ? - You can enable the "expiry email notification" option and set the number of days before the points expire, such as 30 days. This will trigger an email to be sent to your customer (30 days before the points are going to expire), reminding them to use their points before they expire.

Point Expiry Email content will look like:

Note: You can customise this email using the given basic editor option.

Click here to know more about how to further customise WPLoyalty emails.

Here is the list of available shortcodes you can use in Point Expiry emails:

  • {wlr_referral_url} => Display referral url

  • {wlr_user_point} => Display current customer point

  • {wlr_total_earned_point} => Display customer total earned point

  • {wlr_used_point} => Display customer used point

  • {wlr_user_name} => Display customer name

  • {wlr_expiry_date} => Display expire date

  • {wlr_expiry_points} => Display expire points

  • {wlr_points_label} => Display point label

  • {wlr_shop_url} => Display shop url

Show a list of "Upcoming Points Expiration" in the customer reward page - enable this checkbox if you would like to show customers about the Points that are going to expire in Customer Reward page.

How many days to consider for the "Upcoming Points Expiration" List ? - While setting it as 30 days, this setting will alert customers to points that will expire within the next 30 days on the Customer Reward page.

For example:

Let's have a quick overview about the below terms from Manage Points Expiry tab:

We have four different statuses for customer points: Open, Active, Used, and Expired.

Open status means that the points don't have an expiry date and can be redeemed at any time without fear of losing them.

Active status means that the points have an expiry date, and customers must redeem them before that date.

If a customer redeems the points before the expiry date, the status of the points will change to Used.

If a customer doesn't redeem the points before the expiry date, the points will be marked as Expired.

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