WPLoyalty - Points Expiry

Learn how to expiry date for Points that are earned via WPLoyalty
Let's see what is a Point Expiry and how to enable it with our WPLoyalty Plugin.
What is a Point Expiry Add-on ?
In Point Expiry addon, we can set expiry date for points.
For example: Customer A earned 100 Points on 5th of January 2022 and Customer B earned 50 Points on 5th of February 2022
I have set Expiry date for Points as 365 days.
Hence, for Customer A those 100 points will expire on 5th of January 2023 and for Customer B those 50 Points will expire on 5th of February 2023.
As you can see, "Validity for Points" will be calculated from the date a customer has earned those points.
How to enable this Point Expiry Add-on ?
Step 1: Go to WPLoyalty -> Add-ons tab -> WPLoyalty - Points Expiry -> Open the addon
Step 2: Go to Settings tab and enable the checkbox "Enable Points Expiry feature ?" -> set the Expiry date/ Validity for Points in days -> Save the changes.
Enable Points Expiry feature ? - You can enable this checkbox, if you are trying to set validity for Points earned by customers.
How long the points will be valid ? - Set the validity here in days.
For example: While setting 365 days, the Points earned by customers will be in valid status for 365 days. Within 365 days/ 1 year he can redeem his Points. After 1 year the earned Points will be marked as expired and removed/ reduced from customer's account.
How many days before an expiry email notification be sent ? - When this option is checked and if you set the days (say, 360 days) in the field, then it will wait for 360 days (from the date a Point is issued), and then send the expiry notification as email.
The Expiry Notification field is dependant on the "Points Expiry" date/ validity.
So if your Point is valid for 1 year, and if you want to send an expiry notification 5 days before, then we can enter as 360 days (365 - 360 = 5 days).
Point Expiry Email content will look like:
Note: You can customise this email using the given basic editor option.
Here is the list of available shortcodes you can use in Point Expiry emails:
  • {wlr_expiry_points} => To get number of points that is going to expire
  • {wlr_points_label} => To get Points label
  • {wlr_expiry_date} => To get the expiry date of Points
  • {wlr_shop_url} => To get your shop URL
Let's have a quick overview about the below terms from Manage Points Expiry tab:
Open - This status represents the Points of customers that are in open status. ie..,the Points in open status doesn't have any expiry date. We redeem it anytime and it won't expire.
Active - The Points in active status has expiry date and it should be Redeemed by customers before it expires.
Used - If customer redeemed the Points within expiry date, then the Point status will be marked as used.
Expired - If customer haven't Redeemed the Point and if those Points get expired, then those Points status will be marked as Expired.
Still unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)