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Discover the functionality of WPLoyalty when integrated with the Judge.Me review plugin within your online store.

What does the WPLoyalty - Judge.Me Add-on serve?

The purpose of the WPLoyalty - Judge.Me Add-on, created by WPLoyalty, is to facilitate the seamless integration between WPLoyalty and Judge.me review plugin. With this integration, you can incentivize customers by offering Points/Rewards for submitting reviews through the Judge.me plugin.

Once installing and setting up this addon, when customers provide reviews through the Judge.me plugin in your woocommerce store, they will receive Points/Rewards through WPLoyalty's Review Campaign.

For further details on the Review Campaign, refer to the provided guide.

To obtain the WPLoyalty - Judge.Me Add-on, click here.

Once downloaded, proceed to install and activate the add-on.

Make sure you have already installed and activated the WPLoyalty plugin. Please note that some of the features explained in this doc are available only in the PRO version. Do More with the PRO Version

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Let’s get started,

How to enable/ disable the addon “WPLoyalty - Judge.Me” ?

  • Go to the WordPress backend -> WPLoyalty -> Add-ons -> choose the addon “WPLoyalty - Judge.Me”

  • From there, you can activate or deactivate the add-on using the button “Activate” or “Deactivate”

Setting up the addon “WPLoyalty - Judge.Me” :

  • Make sure that you have set up the official Judge.me for WooCommerce plugin properly before following the below steps since this add-on mainly depends on the configuration from the official Judge.me plugin for WooCommerce.

  • Then, proceed to create webhooks in the “WPLoyalty - Judge.Me” addon dashboard.

  • By doing so, you will achieve a seamless integration between the “WPLoyalty - Judge.Me” addon and the Judge.Me review plugin. As a result, when a review is posted, WPLoyalty will be able to listen and reward the customer with points or rewards according to the Review Campaign configuration.

Screenshot showing the addon dashboard:

  • Click on the two buttons “Create” in the above screen. Then with the help of the two webhooks we can integrate WPLoyalty and Judge.me plugin automatically.

Screenshot showing webhooks created automatically in the addon dashboard:

Ensure that you create both webhooks to facilitate the integration between this addon and the WPLoyalty plugin.

What occurs now?

When customers provide reviews for products they have previously purchased, they will receive review Points/Rewards through WPLoyalty's Review Campaign

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "WPLoyalty - Judge.Me" Add-on requires SSL certified website (https) to work. If your site is not SSL certified, the integration with WPLoyalty and Judge.me review plugin will not work. Make sure to have SSL configured on your site by contacting your site developers or hosting team.

If you want more advanced features, consider buying WPLoyalty PRO.

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Next Steps:

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