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Learn how to translate texts from WPLoyalty while using Translate Press plugin.

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While using Translate Press plugin, strings will get automatically translated via enabling "Automatic Translation" settings.

Note: While enabling this setting, it will override all customised translations done manually using third party plugins like Loco Translate or via POEditor.

Are you looking to Translate WPLoyalty strings manually as per your requirement and disable this "Automatic Translation" setting for WPLoyalty ?

In that case, you can choose the below settings:

Step 1: Go to Wordpress -> Settings -> TranslatePress.

Step 2: Go to the "Advanced" settings tab

Step 3: Go to "Exclude strings" section -> Exclude Gettext Strings -> Domain

Here exclude our plugin domain "wp-loyalty-rules" here and save it.

So that WPLoyalty strings will not get automatically translated.

Now, you can use Loco Translate plugin or POEditor or any third party plugin to translate WPLoyalty strings manually.

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