Creating a Reward

Learn how to create Reward in WPLoyalty.

Ensure WPLoyalty plugin is installed and activated. Note that some of the below discussed Reward Types are exclusive to the PRO version.

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Reward Types:

  • Points Conversion

  • Fixed Discount

  • Percentage Discount

  • Free Product

  • Free Shipping

Point Conversion: Convert earned points for a discount. Example Redeem 10 points for $1.

Fixed Discount: Get fixed discount by redeeming points/ as instant coupon. Example: Redeem 100 points for $10 or get $10 instant coupon while Signing Up.

Percentage Discount: Reward as percentage discount. Example: Redeem 500 points to get 10% off.

Free Product: Give a specific product as free as a gift. Example: Give "Product X" as free for customers in Gold Level.

Free Shipping: Get free shipping as a reward for customers.

We can give reward to customers as two forms (it can either be Points or Coupon):

  • Point Reward - Customer can redeem the points earned via Campaigns. Example: Redeem 10 points for $1.

  • Coupon Reward - Customer can get a instant coupon reward while they perform any actions like Signup, placing an order, leave a review, referral, on their birthday and so on...

Let's see how to create a reward:

The below steps will show how to create a reward in detail:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard-> WPLoyalty-> Rewards

  2. Click on the " Create New Reward"

3. Now, you will be able to see different types of Rewards.

4. By clicking Create Reward button, you can start to create your Reward.

Scenario 1: Let's see how to create a simple Point Conversion Reward.

ie.., Redeem 10 points for $1 discount, 20 points for $2 and so on...

Now, lets see how to redeem this reward from cart/ checkout page.

Cart page:

By choosing the "click here" option, we can redeem the points by clicking "Redeem Now" from the pop-up

In the above field, we can enter the amount of points we would like to redeem and by default it will show the customer's current point balance. However, we can use only the amount of points as per our choice.

For example: I'm redeeming only 30 points and click "Redeem"

As we can see, I have redeemed 30 points for $3 successfully.

Scenario 2: Let's see how to create coupon Reward. As we said, coupon Reward will be generated, if they perform any actions like Signup, placing an order, leave a review, referral, on their birthday and so on...

Example: 30% off for customers who spend $100.

Step 1: Create a 30% Percentage Discount reward.

Step 2: Go to Campaigns -> Create New Campaign -> Choose Reward based on spending

Now, if customer place an order by spending $100 and completes his order, he will get 30% off Reward and he can use that 30% off in his upcoming orders.

Some of the above discussed Reward Type requires PRO.

Get WPLoyalty PRO.

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