Campaign Types

Learn the different types of campaigns available in WPLoyalty.

Campaign Types

  • Point for purchase
  • Reward based on spending
  • Order goals
  • Referral
  • Sign up
  • Review
  • Birthday
  • Social media share (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and Follow Up Share)
The above are the campaign types to reward customers for purchases, sign up, writing reviews, social sharing, referring their friends and more.

Point for purchase

  • Rewarding Points for a customer for their purchase.
  • For ex: If the customer spend $100 in their purchase then 10 Points will be rewarded for their purchase, while spending $200 earn 20 Points and so on...

Reward based on spending

  • Customer can earn points or rewards for their spending.
  • For ex: if the customer spend $100 and get 100 points or $10 reward. This helps you increase average order value.

Order goals

  • Getting Points/ Reward for more order.
  • If a customer places 10 or more order then they will get a reward of $10.


  • Customer will get a reward for making a referral.

Sign up

  • Customer will get a reward for registering or creating a account at your store.


  • Customer can get a reward for writing a review about the product they purchased.
  • It will helps you to increase the revenue to the store.


  • Customer can get a reward for sharing their date of birth and also get a special offers on their birthday.

Social Media share

  • By sharing your products/ referral link in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email, can get a reward/ points.
  • It will increase the growth of the store and provide a proof of the products.
Example: Whats app
Follow Up share
  • Reward your customers for following your pages in social media like Facebook, Instagram.
Frequently asked questions: 1. Difference between point for purchase & reward based on spending
  • Point for purchase:
In point for purchase, Customer can earn points dynamically based on customer every x amount spend on purchase.
For example: when customer earn 1 points for $10 spend, earn 2 points for $20 spend
Here is a sample:
  • Reward based on spending:
In reward for spending, customer will earn fixed point based on their spending and the points will doesn't change based on customer spending.
For example: When customer spend maximum of $500 then they will earn 10 points and if he spend 600 or more, customer would still earn 10 points. ie..,instead of dynamic points, Fixed Points will be given.
Here is a sample:
Still unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)