Reward for spending

Learn how to reward customers by rewarding points or rewards for their spending.

Basically, the rewards are determined by the amount of money spent by the customer on a purchase. If you've not been in the industry for decades, rewarding your customers has the ability to create your business.

What is reward for spending?

Let customers earn points or rewards for their spending. Example: Spend $100 and get 100 points or $10 as a reward. This helps you increase the average order value.

The average order value is about the amount spent on each time a customer places an order in your store.

Benefits of reward for spending:

Customer loyalty- Rewarding a customer can increase sales and productivity. Customer loyalty matters because repeat customers spend more on each transaction.

Increase brand value - Rewarding your customers will make it easy for you to communicate with them. When your customer starts to trust your brand, they place a higher value on it.

Stronger connect- The another advantages of rewarding your customer will helps in building relationship with them. Make sure that you offer them special perks or rewards whenever they make a purchase.

Increased customer retention- The study shows that 84% of customers say they’re more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program and 66% of customers say the ability to earn rewards actually changes their spending behaviour.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the WPLoyalty PRO plugin. It is important to note that the below discussed "Reward based on Spending" Campaign requires the PRO version.

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Creating a Campaign

The following steps will walk you through creating a Reward based on Spending Campaign in WPLoyalty.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Campaigns

  • Click "Create New Campaign" button

  • You will see a list of campaign types to choose from

For this tutorial, we are going to choose the "Rewards based on spending"

Now you can start creating your campaign.

Campaign options:

Campaign name: Create a name for your campaign.

Here you can create your campaign type. For example: Earn 100 Points for orders over $500

Description: In this section you can create a short description of your campaign. For example: Spend $500 and earn 100 Points

Choose the type of reward:

You can choose the reward as either points or as a coupon reward for your customer.

For example : 100 points will be selected to be awarded

Minimum spend: If you want to ensure a minimum number of amount a customer can spend in order, then you can use this field. Otherwise, this field is optional.

For example: Spend $500 in an order and earn 100 Points.

Maximum spend: If you want to create a maximum amount a customer can spend in an order.then you an use this field. Otherwise, leave it as 0

Start Date (optional) - The campaign start date. This is an optional field.

End Date (optional) - If you want the campaign to end at a particular date, you can use this. This is also an optional field.

Campaign visibility on “Ways to earn” section - Using this setting you can show/ hide this Reward info from customers on Customers Reward page from Ways to earn section.

Click add conditions -> select the necessary condition (optional)

By using conditional rules, you can create a dynamic discount on pricing rule for your store. You can create a different condition based on cart, product, language and so on.

For every new campaign that you create for your customer reward. You have conditional rules for it. It is optional but, if you need to create a reward for a particular category you can use the condition.

Click here to know more about additional Conditions/ Rules, click here.

By clicking save a new campaign will be created.

Display Reward points to Customer

Now, it is time to let our customers know about the reward points.


Cart Page:

As you can see, customers will earn 100 Points while spending $500 or more.

Likewise, we can provide different Points for different subtotal ranges as shown like in below video.

Checkout Page

The above discussed scenario requires PRO.

Get WPLoyalty PRO.


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