Points for Purchase

Learn how to reward customers for their purchases.

What is Points for Purchase?

Points for purchase is about rewarding a customer for their purchase in your store.

Importance of Points for Purchase

  1. Point of purchase plays an important role in drawing attention to specific merchandise.

  2. They can be utilised to promote products on sale, promote new or updated products and designs.

  3. It will provide detailed information about the products.

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Creating Point for Purchase

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard->WPLoyalty-> click campaign-> click create new campaign

2. You can see the different types of campaigns to reward customers.

3. Choose Point for Purchase.

Now you can start creating your campaign.

Campaign options:

Title - Title for the campaign

Description - A description of your reward campaign. This description will show in the "Ways to earn" section if you create a Customers Reward page

Customer earns points & For each $ spent - Enter how many points to reward an customer. Example: 10 points will be rewarded for each $1 spent by the customer. In this case, if the customer places an order worth $100, then he will earn 1000 points (10 x 100) for that purchase.

Minimum points a customer can earn for each order (optional) - If you want to ensure a minimum number of points for each order, then you can use this field. Otherwise, this field is optional.

Maximum points a customer can earn for each order (optional) - If you want to limit the points earning to a maximum per order, then you can enter a value. Otherwise, leave it as zero (0).

Start Date (optional) - The campaign start date. This is an optional field.

End Date (optional) - If you want the campaign to end at a particular date, you can use this. This is also an optional field.

Campaign visibility on “Ways to earn” section - Using this setting you can show/ hide this Reward info from customers on Customers Reward page from Ways to earn section

Advanced settings

The advanced settings are about a message shown in product pages. So that the customer knows about the reward.

Where to show the message?

  1. You can display the message "Purchase & earn X Points!" in Both list and single product pages.

  2. You can Hide the above message so that the message will not display on both list and single product pages.

  3. You can display the message only in the Product List Pages

  4. You can display the message only in the Single Product Pages.

Message for Simple and Variable products - You can edit these messages with the below given short codes.

Further customisation of this display message:

You can also change the border color , text color, background color and round the edge of "Purchase and earn X Points!" message.

For example here is a screenshot of Product List Page showing "Purchase & earn X Points!" message:

Conditional rules

By using conditional rules, you can quickly create a dynamic discount on pricing rule for your store.

It is optional but if you need to select a particular product, cart or order, then you can choose and add a condition. If the condition satisfies then your customer will get points for every purchase.

Click here to know more about additional Conditions/ Rules, click here.

By clicking save, a new campaign will be created.

Display Reward Points to Customers

Now, it is time to let your customers know about your Loyalty Points & Rewards program.


Cart Page

Checkout Page

Frequently asked questions:

How to exclude certain products from earning points?

We can use the additional condition "Products -> Not in list" and exclude products via Point for Purchase Campaign.


Cart Page:

As you can see, point is given only for "Hoody" product and not for "Bag".

Likewise, we can exclude "Product Categories or Products" from earning opportunities.

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