Customizing Emails for Points & Rewards Earned / Expiry

Learn how to customize the email for points/ rewards earned.

There are four email template with Loyalty points plugin:

  • Points earned -> email will be sent to the customer when points earned through his purchase.

  • Reward earned ->The reward earned email will be sent each time a customer earns a reward.

  • Reward Expiry Notification -> email will be sent to the customer when rewards are about to get expired.

  • Point Expiry Notification -> email will be sent to the customer when Points are about to get expired.

  • Birthday Email Notification -> email will be sent to the customer on customer's birthday.

  • Level Achievement Notification -> email will be sent to customers while they reach a specific level/ when they move up a level

Method 1: Edit WPLoyalty emails content from settings tab

While clicking the button "Edit" you will find the below screen and using the available options, you can edit the content of emails with the available shortcodes.

Method 2: Default WooCommerce Email Editor

If you prefer to change email template design you will have to create override for the email template in your theme when you try to customise the email template. Below are the paths for each template to create override:

There is simple method to override the file in just a single click.

Here are few steps to customise the mail:

STEP 1: Navigate to WPLoyalty -> Settings -> Emails -> click on the Manage button

You will be taken to the default WooCommerce Email editor, which is a file based editor

STEP 2: Choose the manage option near to the template that you want to customise:

STEP 3: Click on the copy file to template, which will automatically creates an override on your template folder:

STEP 4: Click "View template".

STEP 5 : By clicking "view template" , you can customise your email templates.

Once the file are overridden to your theme folder, you can then edit the overridden file and make your changes.

After making changes, By clicking "save changes" you can save the file.

Method 3: Email Customizer Plus

The Email Customizer Plus plugin from Flycart provides compatibility with the WPLoyalty. It comes with a drag and drop email editor. So you can easily customize the emails sent by WPLoyalty to fit your branding requirements.

Click the link below to get the Email Customizer Plus plugin

Example of how the default WPLoyalty Reward Earned email will look like:

Additional settings for emails:

To allow customers to decide if they want to receive WPLoyalty emails, we have a setting called "Show email opt-in section -> Visible/Hidden."

You can find this setting in the WordPress backend by going to WPLoyalty -> Settings -> Customer Reward page, enable or disable the toggle, and save the changes.

When this setting is enabled, customers will see a checkbox/option on the Customer Reward page. If the customer checks the "Opt-in for receiving points & rewards emails" box in the Notification Preferences section, they will receive the email. If they do not check the box, they will not receive the email.

This way, customers can decide whether or not to receive WPLoyalty emails, giving them more control over their preferences.

Additionally, as an admin or store owner, you can choose to enable or disable emails for customers from the WPLoyalty -> Customers tab. You can enable/ disable the toggle "Email Opt-in"


Still unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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