How does WPLoyalty work on websites with multiple languages ?

Let's explore the process of creating campaigns and rewards on multilingual sites using WPLoyalty.

WPLoyalty works seamlessly on websites with multiple languages and is fully compatible with multilingual plugins such as WPML.

When generating campaigns or rewards with WPLoyalty, we can create them based on the default language of the website and use translation plugins like Loco Translate or WPML to translate static or dynamic strings (like campaign titles or descriptions) into other languages.

For example, if your website's default language is English and you have a multilingual store in French, you can create a campaign in English using WPLoyalty and translate it into French using plugins like Loco Translate or WPML.

This document will provide a detailed explanation of the following steps:

  • Creating Campaigns/Rewards in a multilingual site.

  • Adding dynamic strings from Campaigns/Rewards to translation plugins such as Loco Translate/WPML using the "Multi-Lingual Compatibility - Dynamic Strings" addon and translating it.

Let's explore each of these steps in detail below.

Make sure you have already installed and activated the WPLoyalty plugin. Please note that some of the features explained in this doc are available only in the PRO version. Do More with the PRO Version.

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Let’s get started,

Step 1: Creating Campaigns/Rewards in a multilingual site

In this first step lets see how to configure a Campaign using the “Point for Purchase” campaign in a multilingual site that offers customers with 1 point for each dollar spent, meaning they will earn 2 points for spending $2 and so on.

To create such campaign,

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Campaigns tab -> Click on “Create New Campaign” button.

  • Choose “Point for Purchase” Campaign as the Campaign type.

To learn the step-by-step process for creating a Point for Purchase Campaign, click here.

Here is the screenshot of the campaign configuration that follows,

Step 2: Use the "Multi-Lingual Compatibility - Dynamic Strings" addon to add dynamic strings from campaigns or rewards to Loco Translate or WPML for easy translation of campaign titles and descriptions.

In the above campaign dynamic strings are:

  • Campaign Title - Earn 1 Points for every $ spent

  • Campaign Description - Earn 1 point for $1 spent, 2 point for $2 spent and so on…

To translate these dynamic strings, we need to download, install, and activate the "Multi-Lingual Compatibility - Dynamic Strings" addon.

Click here to download the Multi-Lingual Compatibility - Dynamic Strings addon.

After installing and activating the "Multi-Lingual Compatibility - Dynamic Strings" addon:

Similarly for Rewards too, we can generate rewards based on the default language of the site and translate them using translation plugins such as Loco Translate or WPML.

If you want more advanced features, consider buying WPLoyalty PRO.

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Next Steps:

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