Importing Customers and points

Learn how to import bulk customers and points through the import option

This guide will help you to import many customers and points to WPLoyalty.

Most of the loyalty software allow you to export the customers' email address, points and the referral code.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the WPLoyalty PRO plugin. It is important to note that the below discussed option requires the PRO version.

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What fields you can import?

You can import three important fields:

  • Email -> customer's email address

  • Points -> points earned by the customer.

  • Referral Code (optional) -> which has the customer referral code.

CSV File Preparation

Before you start, please make sure that you have prepared the data in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. Most spreadsheet programs like Google Sheet, Excel and others allow you to prepare a sheet and export as a "CSV" file.

The CSV file should have three columns with the following headings:

  • email

  • points

  • referral_code (optional)

While importing email and points, referral code will get generated automatically per customer by WPLoyalty. Hence referral_code is an optional section. email and points are the required columns in CSV file while importing.

Make sure the column names are email and points (in lower case). Otherwise the import will not work.

How to import the CSV in WPLoyalty?

Please go to Wocoommerce -> WPLoyalty -> Customers. Click on the "Import" button.

Choose the CSV file you have prepared and click next.

Import Options

Update the Points when customer already exists:

Choose Yes if you want to replace the points value of already existing customers with the value from the CSV.

Choose NO to ignore updating customers if they are already existing in the system.

How many records to import per batch:

By default, the import processes the records in CSV file in batches. Per batch, it processes 10 records. You can increase the count if your hosting infrastructure has more computing power. Recommend value: 10

Once done, click Next to start the Import process.

Additional options while updating existing customers points or while adding New Customer:

How do you want update customers points by type:

Let's say all your existing customers has 50 available Points and I'm importing 100 points for all customers via .CSV file.

Overwrite points - While choosing this option, 100 points will get updated for all existing customers by overwriting the 50 points. Hence after import, all existing customers will have 100 available points.

Add points - While choosing this option, 100 points will get added for existing customers. Hence after import, all existing customers will have (100 + 50) 150 available points.

Subtract points - While choosing this option, 100 points will get subtracted for existing customers. Hence after import, all existing customers will have (50 - 100) 0 available points since points cannot be in - value.

Comments (Optional) - This section is optional and using it, we can add additional notes or information related to the points that have been added or reduced. These notes will also be displayed only on administrator end.

Once imported, you can check the imported records under the "Customers" section of WPLoyalty.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it possible to import points from third party plugins ?

If the third party plugin allows option to export the customer's email address and their points balance, then we can import it via our plugin using the import option as we saw above.

  • How to add Points for already placed orders, if I'm new to WPLoyalty points platform ?

WPLoyalty plugin usually starts assigning points for actions that happen after the plugin is installed. But there is a solution. You can import the points (100 points) for all existing customers using the "Import points" option.

You may want to prepare a CSV file with customer's email address and points for all customers.

Example: 100 points for all existing customers (everybody starts with 100 points)

Here are the steps:

  1. Just create a Google doc spreadsheet and add the customers' email address (you can export the customers from WooCommerce) in the first column

  2. Then in the second column, set 100 points for each email address. Here is an example sheet:

  3. Then save it as a CSV file.

Here is the example CSV file: Then, you can just import the created files. So that all your existing customers will get 100 points.

Looking to Ban specific users from WPLoyalty ?

To Ban specific users/ customers, go to Wordpress backend -> WPLoyalty -> Customers tab -> then search for the specific customer and enable the toggle "Ban User"

So that this specific customer will get banned from WPLoyalty and will not earn any Points/ Rewards in whole.

The above discussed option requires PRO.

Click here to purchase WPLoyalty PRO.


Still unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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