Sign Up Reward

Learn how to reward customers for creating / registering an account with your store.

What is the signup reward?

There is a way to encourage users to sign up for your website by rewarding them with points when they signup. Reward customers for creating / registering an account in your store.

Advantages of a Signup Bonus

1. Customer Retention- It will retain your customers by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behaviour.

2. Offering welcome points- The other key benefit of offering welcome points is the head start it gives your customers, towards earning their first reward.

3. Reward current customer- By rewarding a current customer it will make them feel as if they are saving money as a result of rewards, customers are more likely to continue to support your brand.

4. Find new customer- You can get a new customer by rewarding each customer they refer. Current customers get special deals for each person they refer, and new customers will also get a special offer.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the WPLoyalty PRO plugin. It is important to note that the below discussed "Sign Up" Campaign requires the PRO version.

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Creating a Campaign

The following steps will walk you through creating a Birthday Reward Campaign in WPLoyalty.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Campaigns

  • Click "Create New Campaign" button

  • You will see a list of campaign types to choose from

Campaign options

Campaign type: Create a name for your campaign. For example: Sign Up

Description: In this section you can create a short description of your campaign. For example : Sign up to earn a reward.

Choose the type of reward:

You can choose the reward as either points or a coupon reward for your customer.

For example : 100 points will be earned by this campaign.

Message to display on the Account Creation and Signup page:

The earning points of the message will be displayed in account creation and signup page.

Start Date (optional) - The campaign start date. This is an optional field.

End Date (optional) - If you want the campaign to end at a particular date, you can use this. This is also an optional field.

Campaign Visibility : This section allows you to show/hide the campaign in the ways to earn rewards section.

Customers can be shown or hidden specific campaigns on the my account page and in the launcher widget. As a result, the campaign will be displayed or hidden on my account page and launcher widget.

Click additional settings-> conditional rule.

By using conditional rules, you can create a dynamic discount on pricing rule for your store. You can create a different condition based on cart, product, language and so on.

For every new campaign that you create for your customer reward, you have conditional rules for it. It is optional but, if you need to create a reward for a particular category you can use the condition.

By clicking save, a new campaign will be created.

Display Reward to customers

The above discussed Campaign requires PRO.

Get WPLoyalty PRO.


Still unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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