Learn how to update WPLoyalty- Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin in your site

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WPLoyalty is under active development. So we continue to release updates fixing the bugs, improving the features and introducing new features time to time.

Updating your WPLoyalty plugin is easy. Please follow the instructions to update WPLoyalty in your website:

1. Always start by backing up your website

This is the most critical step. Most people will never need to restore their site from a backup, but on the off chance that an update causes issues with your site, you’ll want to be able to quickly restore it to its pre-update status. So don’t neglect taking a backup of your site before you begin the update process. This is true for all updates – not just WPLoyalty updates. Any time you update any plugin or theme, or WordPress itself, run a backup first. The few seconds or minutes it takes is worth it in an emergency site situation.

How To Create A Backup Of Your Site

Many plugins are available to help you easily create a backup of your site. A few we like include UpdraftPlus, Jetpack Backup, and BackupBuddy.

2. Update on a staging site when possible

To prevent unexpected problems on your live site, it’s a good idea to test updates on a staging / testing server first. A staging site is essentially a copy of your live site, where you can test changes and updates without affecting your live site. If all goes well, then you can apply the update to the live site with a little more confidence.

Check out some of the following guides to create a staging environment for WordPress websites:

3. Updating WPLoyalty to the latest version

Updating via the WordPress dashboard

This is the most common method of updating the plugins.

Please go to your WordPress dashboard -> plugins --> Installed plugins --> Search WPLoyalty - WooCommerce Loyalty Points, Rewards and Referral.

You will see a notification like the screenshot below with an "update now" link. NOTE: This notification and the link will be visible when there is a new version released. When you are up-to-date, you won't see it.

What if you are not seeing any update notifications ?

  1. Make sure you have a valid license key and make sure it is validated.

  2. You might already be using the latest version. You can visit our "What's New" page to see all the change log of the releases

Manually updating the plugin to the latest version

In a few cases where you have not received the automatic update option, you can follow the instructions below to manually update the plugin.

  • Login to your account at WPLoyalty and go to the My Account page.

  • Download the WPLoyalty plugin there.

  • Then go your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins --> Installed plugins --> Deactivate WPLoyalty plugin and delete it. (Don't worry. Your campaigns, settings will be kept during this re-installation process)

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard -> plugins --> Add new --> Upload plugin --> Choose the Zip file you just downloaded from the WPLoyalty website.

  • Click Install now and activate.

3. What to do when the support team gives you a zip file and asked to update?

If you have received a patch version from the support team after you reported an issue, please follow the above Manual Update steps.

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Need some assistance with the updates? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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