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Discover how to showcase an appealing launcher widget on your online store using these straightforward instructions.

WPLoyalty plugin comes up with all new Launcher icon to your woo-commerce store.

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Come on, let's get into this cool feature and learn how to set it up...

To Add more good points, we have a pre-set up of all the cards which will display the users what they want to see...

Make sure you have already installed and activated the WPLoyalty plugin. Please note that some of the features explained in this doc are available only in the PRO version. Do More with the PRO Version

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Let's get started,

What are the steps to activate/deactivate this Launcher Widget?

Go to WPLoyalty -> Add-ons tab -> WPLoyalty - Launcher

You can enable or disable the Launcher Widget by utilizing the Activate/Deactivate button.

Let's take a look at the available features in the Launcher Widget.

The Launcher Widget includes three different tabs:

  • Design

  • Content

  • Launcher

Let's explore each tab in detail.

  1. Design:

In the design tab, you can see these three sections.

  • Logo

  • Colors

  • Branding

Under Logo section, you can upload your website's icon to the Launcher using the available option. Additionally, you have the option to display or hide the icon.

In Colors section, you can customize the color of the card, text, and buttons.

For example:

Under Branding section, you can enable or disable the "Powered by WPLoyalty" section.

  1. Content:

In the Content tab, you will find the following three sections:

  • Welcome

  • Earn & Redeem

  • Referral

In the Content section, you can create two distinct Launcher visuals for two different types of users:

  • Guest User

  • Logged in user

Guest Users:

This section includes the following features:

  • Sign Up card: Allows you to set up a "Join Now" button that directs users to your site's login form.

  • Earn: Displays the available ways to earn loyalty points.

  • Redeem: Displays the available ways to redeem loyalty points.

Logged in user:

If a user is logged in, the following features will be displayed:

  • User's current point balance

  • User's current level and the amount of points required to reach the next level

  • Earn: Displays the available ways to earn loyalty points.

  • Redeem: Displays the rewards the user has earned in My Rewards and the coupons the user has redeemed in My Coupons.

  • Referral card: Displays the referral URL and share links for the user to refer others to the loyalty program.

You can customize each section individually by selecting it and modifying its settings.

  1. Launcher:

The Launcher section includes the following options:

  • Appearance:

Visibility of icon:

Icon with text: displays both icon and text in Launcher

Icon only: displays icon only

Text only: displays text only

Show widget on specific locations based on conditions: With this feature, you can choose to showcase the launcher exclusively on certain category pages, specific product pages, the homepage, or alternatively, prevent it from appearing on these pages too. For instance, by specifying URLs that contain "/product-category/bags/", you ensure that the launcher is visible solely on Bags category products.

Text: Add the desired launcher text here.

Font Family: Choose from a selection of available fonts.

Icon: Choose from a selection of available icons or upload a new one.

  • Visibility of Launcher:

Mobile only: Display launcher only on mobile devices.

Desktop only: Display launcher only on desktop devices.

Mobile and Desktop: Display launcher on both mobile and desktop devices.

Do not show: Launcher will not be displayed on either desktop or mobile view.

  • Position: Choose the position of the launcher as either right or left.

  • Spacing: Adjust the side and bottom spacing for the launcher.

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