Reward for more orders
Learn how to reward a customer for repeat purchases.
Nowadays, rewards can create some value by motivating new or existing customers to try a new product or service.

What is Reward for more orders?

When a customer buys a product from your online store on a regular basis, you can award them based on the number of orders they purchased.
For example: $100 reward for customers who placed 10 or more orders.

Why is it important to reward customers?

Rewarding a customer can increase customer loyalty and it improves sales and it will create sustainable growth. So it is important for you to always give your customers reasons to stay loyal.

Benefits of rewarding a customer:

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    The advantage of rewarding your customers is that it helps to build stronger relationships with them.
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    According to a study, awarding a customer will help in increasing sales and it will build trust in your brand.
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    Trust is an essential element that transforms customers into advocates.

Creating a Campaign

Order Goals

Reward for more orders can be referred to as order goals. Providing a reward to your customer based on repeat purchases, if your customer purchase more than 10 orders, then you can provide a reward.
Follow the points below to create a reward for more orders (order goals).
1. Please go to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Go to WpLoyalty-> click campaign-> click create new campaign
3. You can see different types of campaigns to reward customers.
4. Choose Order Goals.

Campaign options

Campaign type: Create a name for your campaign.
Here you can create your campaign type. For example: order goal.
Description: In this section you can create a short description of your campaign. For example : Drive repeat purchase by rewarding customers.
Choose the type of reward:
You can choose either points or a coupon reward for your customer.
If you are choosing points, you have to set points to be earned by the campaign.
For example : 100 points will be selected to reward a customer for repeated purchases.
If you are choosing a coupon reward, make sure that you have to create a reward in the reward section.
No of orders required: Enter the number of orders that customers should have made to claim this reward and set a minimum spending value for each order.
For example: You can set, 1 order will be required for the customer to claim the reward and you set minimum spend value is 500 for each order.
Start Date (optional) - The campaign start date. Optional field.
End Date (optional) - If you want the campaign to end at a particular date, you can use this.
Click additional settings-> conditional rule.
By using conditional rules, you can create a dynamic discount on pricing rule for your store. You can create a different condition based on cart, product, language and so on.
For every new campaign that you create for your customer reward, you have conditional rules for it. It is optional. In case, if you need to create a reward for a particular category, you can use the condition.
By clicking save a new campaign will be created.
Reward for more orders (order goals) is created.

Display Reward Points to Customer

Now, it is time to let our customers know about the reward points.
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